2022 Policy Agenda

Housing California’s 2022 Policy Agenda focuses on community members most in need of an affordable place to call home.

This includes people struggling to make ends meet and those experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. We utilize multiple strategies to meet these goals, including reforming California’s laws and regulations regarding land use and finance, as well as innovative approaches to end homelessness. Housing California leads with the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion to prioritize those who have been historically marginalized and/or neglected in decision-making processes, and we work in close collaboration with a variety of partners. These partners include non-profits, affordable housing developers, affordable housing residents and persons with lived experience, foundations, labor unions, trade associations, corporations, and supportive policymakers from a diverse set of backgrounds.

Our 2022 legislative priorities are listed below. As the legislative session progresses, please check this page for updates.


AB 411 (Irwin)

Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Bond Act of 2022

This bill would authorize the issuing of $600 million in bonds to provide additional funding for provisions within the Veterans Housing and Homelessness Prevention Bond Act of 2022. VHHP finances the development of affordable rental and transitional housing for veterans with an emphasis on housing for homeless and extremely low-income veterans.

AB 411 aligns with Policy Solution A2 in the Roadmap Home 2030 to scale state housing programs.

AB 1615 (Ting)

Former Foster Youth Housing 

AB 1615 would lengthen the duration of the Transitional Housing Program-Plus (THP-Plus) from 24 months to 36 months and increase the upper age limit from 23 to 24 for all youth in the program. The bill would also align California’s Housing Navigators Program (HNP) with federal Housing Choice Voucher programs to ensure youth with vouchers can secure housing by increasing the upper age limit for HNP from 21 to 24, broadening the priority population from foster youth to also include former foster youth.

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AB 1945 (Aguiar-Curry)

Affordable Disaster Housing Revolving Development and Acquisition Program

This bill would create the Affordable Disaster Housing Revolving Development and Acquisition Program to fund emergency bridge loans for housing recovery in areas devastated by natural disasters like wildfires. The program would help needy communities by providing funds to mission-driven place-based financial institutions that would make loans in advance of federal funds being approved.

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AB 2050 (Lee)

Affordable Residential Real Property: Withdrawal of Accommodations. 

This bill  would prohibit property owners from using an Ellis Act eviction, unless all owners of the property have been owners for 5 continuous years. This applies to both natural and corporate persons. Exemptions are provided for: persons who are sole owners of the property and own 4 or less residential units, not including principal residence. 

AB 2050 aligns with Policy Solution D6 in the Roadmap Home 2030.


AB 2203 (Rivas)

Fair employment and housing protections: credit reports

This bill would prohibit requiring a consumer credit report, as defined, as part of the application process for a rental housing accommodation in instances where there is a government rent subsidy.

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AB 2483 (Mainschein)

Aligning Medical services with affordable housing development

This bill would incentivize alignment to link state-funded affordable housing development with Medi-cal funded services through PACE, Assisted Living Waiver, and Home and Community Based Services Waiver.


AB 2547 (Nazarian)

Housing Stabilization to Prevent and End Homelessness Among Older Adults and People with Disabilities Act 

This bill would require the California Department of Aging to create and administer the Housing Stabilization to Prevent and End Homelessness Among Older Adults and People with Disabilities Program. The bill would require the department, in administering the program, to offer competitive grants to nonprofit community-based organizations, continuums of care, and public housing authorities to administer a housing subsidy program for older adults and persons with a disability that are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. 

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SB 57 (Wiener) – 2 year bill

Controlled substances: overdose prevention program

This bill would, until January 1, 2027, authorize the City and County of San Francisco, the County of Los Angeles, and the City of Oakland to approve overdose protection programs for safe, hygienic use of controlled substances under staff supervision.

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SB 513 (Hertzberg)

Homeless Shelter Grants

This bill creates a permanent grant program for homeless shelters providing shelter, food, and basic veterinary services for pets of the homeless and establishes certain requirements, such as rules of conduct and responsibility regarding pets and their owners. The shelter would also need to have access to the services of a veterinarian, including spay and neutering services.


SB 872 (Dodd)

Pharmacies: mobile units

This bill would authorize a county or a city and county to operate a licensed mobile unit to provide prescription medication within its jurisdiction to specified individuals, including those individuals without fixed addresses.                                   

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SB 903 (Hertzberg)

 Prisons: California Rehabilitation Oversight Board:                                                                                                       This bill would additionally requires the board to  examine department’s  efforts to address the housing needs of persons recently released from custody, including those who are identified  with serious mental health needs.

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SB 914 (Rubio)

Homeless domestic violence survivors and data systems: local and state support and guidelines

This bill would require the California Interagency Council on Homelessness to set and measure progress toward goals to prevent and end homelessness among domestic violence survivors and their children and among unaccompanied women in California.

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SB 1017  (Eggman)

Leases: Termination of Tenancy: Abuse or Violence

This bill strengthens rental housing-related protections for survivors of domestic violence, abuse, and other serious crimes.

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ACA 14  (Wicks)

Housing Opportunities for Everyone (HOPE) Act

The Constitutional amendment would require California to spend at least 5% of the State’s budget annually (for 10 years) for housing and homelessness.

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SB 1335  (Eggman)

Discrimination: housing: credit history of persons receiving housing subsidies.

This bill prohibits housing-related discrimination against any person on the basis of that person’s credit history if the person receives federal, state, or local housing subsidies. The bill also prevents the use of a person’s credit history as part of the application process for a rental accommodation where there is a government subsidy.

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SCA 2 (Allen)

Public Housing Projects 

Repeals Article 34 of the constitution which requires voter approval of the development or acquisition of affordable housing that is financed by public subsidy.

SCA 2 aligns with Policy Solution D7 in the Roadmap Home 2030

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SB 1284 (Bates)

Homelessness: state programs: Housing First 

This bill removes the requirement for state agencies and programs to adopt Housing First guidelines and regulations into their programs, opening state funding to programs that do not follow Housing First. Housing First is the only evidence-based model to end homelessness.

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AB 2633 (Cooley)

Protection of Parklands: Removal of unpermitted campers and campsites

This bill allows local elected officials and park agencies to order the removal of unpermitted campers or clearing of unpermitted campsites from its special parklands, which would expand the criminalization of people who are experiencing homelessness.

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