Housing California

Shaping narrative, building power, and changing policy to end homelessness and create affordable homes for all.

Speak Out

Young African American woman leads a group of people in making their voices heard. They are walking on the street and she has a mega-phone up to her mouth. She is smiling and positive in a colorful headband and red t-shirt.

Let’s advance bold, structural change today for a better California tomorrow!


Learn About the Issues That We Care About

A woman in a knitted hat, fingerless gloves, chipped nail polish, and a large jacket with a furry hood comforts herself in the cold. Her clasped hands are at her chin, and she stares slightly downwards. She appears to be lonely.


Did you know?

More than 160,000 people in California — from all walks of life — experience homelessness on any given night, and a series of systemic and social factors lead them there. People who are couch-surfing or living in an RV are still experiencing homelessness; they do not have a home to call their own.

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Two people stand on concrete inside scaffolding at a building site. The site is very open and sunny. The people both wear hard-hats and collared shirts. The person on the left, holding rolled plans under their arm, points to the upper levels of the scaffolding. The person on the right holds a plan out in front but looks toward the higher levels, as well.

Housing Affordability

Did you know?

In California, renters currently need to earn nearly 3 times the state minimum wage to afford average asking rents, but with 18.2% or approximately 40 million Californians suffering from poverty, those struggling the most cannot bridge the gap.

Learn about affordable housing in California

“As the premier state-wide convener on affordable housing and homelessness,
Housing California has representation from across sectors. Its board includes developers, health, labor, advocacy, and services to the homeless, ensuring that varied housing needs, challenges, and solutions are elevated; ultimately leading to more inclusive and impactful decisions than ever before.”

Arnulfo Manriquez

President and Chief Executive Officer, MAAC

The Work

Tackling California’s housing crisis is a multi-pronged endeavor; for Housing California, it involves shaping the narrative around homelessness and affordable housing, communicating the solutions to state legislature, and building multi-sector coalitions.

“Housing California has brought together different constituencies and moved them toward a common goal. It’s a complicated endeavor but a powerful one.”

Shamus Roller

Executive Director, National Housing Law Project

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Systemic racial injustice, a widening wealth gap, and a shortage of homes people can afford are affecting our livelihoods and threatening what we love about California. Learn about the creation of our bold long-term plan to create the future we all want for California – our Roadmap Home 2030.

To end the state’s housing crisis, people who live in affordable housing across California must drive the conversation about affordable housing policy. We are more powerful when we are organized, and so we invite you to RUN with us!

A group of around 30 people are standing inside a large well-lit hall. They are looking at the camera and cheering. Everyone is wearing a light blue t-shirt with Residents United Network on the front. The people are all different ages and ethnicities, and they look accomplished, and powerful.

JOIN US in securing homes, health and wealth for ALL CALIFORNIANS