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June 22-24, 2021

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News and Updates

Letter requesting ongoing funding to create Re-entry Housing Program

Housing California with coalition partners is urging the Legislature to invest ongoing funding to provide resources for formerly incarcerated people experiencing homelessness. This is associated with AB 328, which is Roadmap aligned proposal.  Full statement here.

Statement regarding the verdict of the George Floyd case

Housing California makes a formal statement regarding the George Floyd case and the fight for racial justice. 

Full statement here.

Statement regarding ongoing funding to address Homelessness in California

Housing California joins coalition members to request ongoing funding of $2.4 billion to put the state on a course for ending homelessness.  Full statement here.

Statement regarding new amendments to Assembly Bill 71

Housing California released a joint statement with coalition partners on new amendments to AB 71. Full statement here.

KPIX airs segment on Roadmap HOME 

KPIX (CBS in San Francisco) aired a piece on California’s Roadmap HOME 2030, a 10-year comprehensive, racial equity-centered, and evidence-based framework of bold policy solutions to end homelessness and create stable, affordable homes for all Californians. The piece included some of the key people involved in our work, like Residents United Network leaders Zella Knight and Willie Stevens, CA Housing Partnership Executive Director Matt Schwartz, and our own Executive Director Lisa Hershey. Check out the segment

Coalition letter requesting ongoing funding addressing homelessness

Housing California joins statewide coalition in making a budget request ongoing funding of $2.4 billion to address homelessness. Full statement here.

Roadmap HOME op-ed in CalMatters

Check out this op-ed in CalMatters about Roadmap HOME 2030 and its role in setting our state on the right track toward advancing racial justice and creating stable, affordable homes for all Californians. Help spread the word.

Statement celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Housing California shares its perspective on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and its influence on the movement for justice today. Full statement here.

Statement regarding President-Elect Biden's COVID Relief Proposal

Housing California has released a statement regarding President-Elect Biden’s $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Plan. Full statement here.

Housing California comments on Governor Newsom's Budget Proposal

Housing California Executive Director Lisa Hershey speaks to KQED California Report (at 5:49 mark) and Cap Radio about the latest state budget release and opportunities to effectively tackle homelessness in the coming months.

Housing California releases its annual report, "Path to Success"

This past year has reinforced that we are all in this together. In Housing California’s annual report, “Path to Success", we highlight the breadth of our collective work with partners across the state to create homes, health and prosperity for all Californians.  

Statement regarding Governor Newsom's State Budget Proposal

Housing California has released a joint statement with California Housing Partnership regarding Governor Newsom's State Budget Proposal. Full statement here.

Statement regarding selection of New HUD Secretary

Click here to read our statement regarding President-Elect Biden’s choice for HUD Secretary.

Statement regarding the CA Senate Housing Package

Click here to read our statement regarding the newly released California Housing Package.

Special Initiatives

The Roadmap Home 2030 is a bold, long-term plan to create the future we want for California by building affordable homes, protecting low-income renters, ending homelessness, and advancing racial equity and economic inclusion. To learn more and join our growing community-powered movement, please:

  • Check out the website to endorse the Roadmap, take action, and read the full plan and all 57 policy solutions.

  • Read the press release about the March 25th campaign launch.

  • Did you miss the campaign launch and rally? No worries ‒ watch it here.


Housing California’s 2021 (Un)Conference

Home, Health, and Wealth for All Californians

June 22-24

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