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Support AB 1657 Today

Assembly Bill 1657 (Wicks) would authorize the Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2024 to fund the state’s affordable housing programs, including, affordable rental housing for lower income families, homeownership opportunities, and, supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness.

Can we count on you to take urgent action to support local and state collaboration and accountability for reductions in homelessness?

    1. Use this sample letter to prepare your AB 1657 support letter.
    2. Submit your support letter through this California legislative portal. (For more information on how to submit a letter through the portal, see instructions here.)
    3. Email your letter to: Lisa Engel, Chief Consultant, Assembly Committee on Housing and Community Development (

Remember to reference the bill number in the subject line and add a signature at the bottom of the letter.

Endorse Roadmap Home 2030

The Roadmap Home 2030 is a bold, comprehensive plan to create more than a million affordable homes and end homelessness in California. Visit Roadmap Home to send an email and urge your elected representatives to endorse the Roadmap Home!

Your Action Matters!

In California, committed housing activists have helped to secure billions of dollars in state investments to build much-needed affordable housing and provide supportive services to those experiencing homelessness.

Find contact info for your Representatives

Let them know that you support Housing California’s Policy Agenda.

When critical legislation hangs in the balance, our collective power can tip the political scale towards housing justice.

When we band together, we make big things happen.