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The Residents United Network, founded in 2014 with our partner, Community Change, builds power among residents and staff of affordable housing to change laws so that every Californian has a safe, stable, and affordable home.

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Who are the Residents in Residents United Network?

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Close-up photo of a senior man in a ball-cap and a light blue t-shirt, sitting at a circular table reading a folder with information about Residents United Network. He is looking at the camera with a slight smile, and is surrounded by lots of other people at tables too. It is Lobby Day for RUN leaders.
RUN leaders live in San Diego, the Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Orange County, the Central Valley, Sacramento, and the Bay Area.
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We are seniors, farmworkers, and immigrants; we are Black, brown, and white, disabled and LGBTQ, working and retired.

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Close-up photo of an elderly white woman in a light blue t-shirt sitting at a table and talking with another Lobby Day attendee off camera. She has white hair, a big smile, and glasses perched on her head.

Some of us have lived experience with homelessness, and some of us work in affordable housing. Others of us don’t have affordable housing yet but hope to soon.

Some of us have lived

A photo of three women at a circular table, they are all different ages and ethnicities. The woman in the middle is looking at the camera and she is confident and happy. The group are sharing papers to read and talking to each other and the rest of their group.

What brings us together is the belief that we are more powerful when we are organized, and that to end California’s housing crisis, people who live in affordable housing must be as present in the halls of the Capitol as homeowners, developers, and landlords.

We believe affordable housing residents, who have historically been excluded from conversations about affordable housing policy, should be the moral center of the statewide fight to end homelessness and increase affordable housing in California.

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Get involved

Do you live in affordable housing – or wish you did? Look for information about how to join RUN on our member page.

Do you represent or work for a nonprofit affordable home developer? We’re excited to connect, whether you’re in one of our seven regions, you’re just outside one of them, or you’re somewhere far from where we are right now. Contact for more information.

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