Residents United Network Training Sessions

Are You Interested in Climbing the Ladder to Leadership with RUN?
Join the Leadership Training Series

All training sessions are conducted online using the Zoom Meeting platform.

RUN Roundtable Panel 

RUN leaders joined affordable housing CEOs to have a discussion about how to prevent evictions in affordable housing during the pandemic and how to keep funding coming to keep developers functioning. 

How to RUN an Effective Meeting 

Learn how to make sure every meeting you lead or attend is efficient and effective.





Know Your Housing: Land Use & Finance 

Have you ever wondered how affordable housing actually gets financed and built? Join Housing California's own Tyrone Buckley as he walks us through the ins and outs of the financing and land use issues that make affordable housing so challenging to create. You will also learn about opportunities this year to support more affordable housing funding.


Note: Participating the "Know Your Housing 101” training is highly recommended before taking this training.




ZOOM Training 

Learn how to use the ZOOM Meeting program to have a video meeting with RUN members across the state!

Policy Briefing 

Learn about the policies will RUN be supporting in the legislature this year. Prepare yourself to talk to legislators about these important bills.

What Is Leadership? 

Leadership is a practice, not a position or a title. Come learn how you can be a strong leader in your community and our movement.

Organizing 101 

How do we build power? What are effective ways to get ourselves organized? Learn the answers and more!

Know Your Housing 101

What’s a housing tax credit? How does affordable housing get built anyway? Why is it so hard to build enough housing for everyone?! Learn the answers and more!

RUN Power Hours 

Do you want to become a rock star ambassador for RUN? Learn how to spread the word through the RUN Power Hour and take the message about affordable housing to residents in your local community!

One-page Overviews on RUN and the Housing Crisis

About RUN


Want to get others excited about RUN? Our About RUN one-page overview is perfect for encouraging others to join and support our exciting and growing network.  It's great for distributing at meetings, conferences, and other events. You can also use it to invite people to house meetings!


California's Housing Affordability Problem is Solvable

Providing basic facts on California's housing issues, this easy-to-understand Housing Affordability one-page overview is great for introducing others to the issue of housing affordability and the need for bold policy solutions.

We are ready to learn from each other.
We are ready to act together.
We are building to win.