Our Accomplishments

Propositions 1 & 2

In 2018, CA voters approved $6 billion in new funding for affordable and supportive homes. RUN ran a field campaign to educate thousands of voters at affordable housing communities throughout the state.

SB 2 (Atkins)

Part of the historic legislative housing package of 2017, SB 2 created a permanent funding source for affordable housing. Passing a permanent source was a founding goal for RUN, which we achieved in four years.

SB 329 (Mitchell)

Prohibited landlord discrimination against people using housing vouchers to pay rent, like Section 8.

AB 2219 (Ting)

Made it illegal for landlords to reject 3rd party rent payments, including those from government agencies, charities, and family members and friends.

AB 447 (Maienschein)

Prohibited Section 8 property insurance discrimination.

SB 1380 (Mitchell)

Established CA as a “Housing First” state. RUN members targeted Gov. Brown using the hashtag #shelterfromtherain, urging him to sign the bill. He signed it the next day, despite an expected veto.

$1 billion in ongoing funding for homeless housing and services (2021)

Unprecedented allocation of annual permanent funding for local governments and homelessness service providers which was included in the state budget after intense advocacy for AB 71 (Rivas).

Changing Lives