Our Partners

RUN is proud to work closely with our six regional partners: the San Diego Housing Federation in San Diego, the Southern California Association of Nonprofit Housing in Los Angeles and the Inland Empire, the Kennedy Commission in Orange County, the California Coalition for Rural Housing in the Central Valley, Mutual Housing in Sacramento, and East Bay Housing Organizations in the Bay Area.

We partner with dozens of nonprofit affordable home developers and service providers across California, as well as local affordable housing organizations. To join us, or to bring RUN to your organization, contact Jazmin at jposas@housingca.org.

We’re thrilled to partner on a national level with Community Change, which helped start RUN and supports organizations doing affordable housing advocacy led by residents in Washington, Oregon, and Louisiana.

A close-up photo of an item on a table. The item is a black cardboard house cut-out, with a pointed roof and a chimney, sitting in a small wooden stand. The cut-out is about 8 inches tall. In bright blue and green markers, the writing on the cut-out says: I run because housing in california is simply not affordable. Waunda A. San Diego.

RUN with us!