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AB 1961 – Wall of Support

In the 21st century in California, it is long past time for us to have a simple, practical way to apply for affordable housing. AB 1961, authored by Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel of Los Angeles, would create an online affordable housing database, giving Californians the chance to apply online for a lower-cost place to live.

How can you support this bill, which is sponsored by Housing CA and comes straight from the lived expertise of RUN members? Update this sample letter of support with your organization’s information and submit it as soon as you can to the advocate’s portal.

AB 1961 came directly from the minds of RUN members, many of whom struggled to apply for affordable housing and want better for their friends and neighbors. Here’s why RUN members across California support AB 1961.

“I support AB 1961 because…”

Francine Andrade

“People need to have housing and have their own place to call home. So they can start their new life.”

Francine Andrade, Los Angeles

Mariana Angeles
“Hará más fácil ayudar a mas personas aplicar para vivienda asequible sin tener que salir de casa o dejar de trabajar.”

Mariana Angeles, Anaheim

Irma Bodden

“Seniors and disabled folks could just apply at home instead of trekking to unfamiliar neighborhoods to apply in person.”

Irma Bodden, Concord

Daphine Lamb

“Filling out rental applications needs to be easier.”

Anne Bradley, Oakland

Harry Centeno

“It will help reduce homelessness in our state.”

Harry Centeno, Stockton

Johnny Chin

“The option of filing one inclusive application for an affordable home will eliminate the burdens of transportation.”

Johnny Chin, Stockton

Verna Ekpeduma

“As a senior, many of us don’t have transporation to get there and many times managers are out of the office.”

Verna Ekpeduma, Sacramento

Sandra Galindo

“We need more families feeling safe, and more affordable housing for low-income families.”

Sandra Galindo, Chula Vista

Richard Gallo

“To erase burdens in affordable housing.”

Richard Gallo, Santa Cruz

William Goodwin

“It is a real sensible and simple way to increase the opportunities for families to be housed, by eliminating the barriers to applying for multiple housing choices, all from the comfort of your phone.”

William Goodwin, Pittsburg

Jessie Gray

“Veterans have been through enough.”

Jessie Grey, San Diego

DeForrest Hancock

“During these days and times, a website to make the application process for affordable housing easier is a necessity.”

DeForrest Hancock, San Diego

Maria Hernandez

“It would be easier to update information if anything changes.”

Maria Hernandez, San Diego

Ted Kagan

“It would make it easier to apply for affordable housing for veterans and seniors.”Ted Kagan, San Diego

Daphine Lamb

“I care about the betterment of affordable housing.”

Daphine Lamb, Oakland

Verica Mancich

“The people who need affordable housing will get it much easier and faster.”

Verica Mancich, Los Angeles

Andrea Noble

“One application will save you time and money.”

Andrea Noble, Sacramento

Myrna Ortiz

“This law is the just and fair way to move forward to ensure everyone has access to housing!”

Myrna Ortiz, Oakland

Peggy Pleasant

“I want everyone to have affordable housing for themselves and their families.”

Peggy Pleasant, Los Angeles

Alicia Portillo

“I was blessed to raise my daughter without worry, thanks to affordable housing. This should be easily available to more young families.”

Alicia Portillo, Sacramento

Virda Rainey

“Make the affordable housing process easier!”

Virda Rainey, Stockton

Anakh Sul Rama

“It should not be a full-time, multi-year job to apply for affordable housing.”

Anakh Sul Rama, San Francisco

Ely Reynaga

“It would help all those tenants who want to obtain an affordable rent more easily wihtout making changes in our daily responsibilities.”

Ely Reynaga, Sacramento

Jessica Richards

“I want other people to be able to overcome the continued cycle of homelessness.”

Jessica Richards, San Marcos

Joyce Roberts

“It will help seniors who have problems getting around.”

Joyce Roberts, San Diego

Yohana Rojas

“Facilitaría todos los tramites requeridos en la aplicación de viviendas a bajo costo y se puede tener un mejor seguimiento a cada caso en particular.”

Yohana Rojas, Santa Ana

Maria Angélica Rojas Rivera

“Haría el aplicar para viviendas asequibles más fácil para la comunidad latina.”

Maria Angélica Rojas Rivera, San Juan Capistrano

Willie Stevens

“One application and I’d find a home.”

Willie Stevens, Oakland

Vecindario Lacy en Acción

“La vivienda es una necesidad básica y digna. Facilitaría el acceso de aplicar a una vivienda asequible para presentes y futuras generaciones que tienen barreras como lenguaje y transportación.”

Vecindario Lacy en Acción, Santa Ana

Theresa Winkler

“I need to be able to go to work and can’t get time off.”

Theresa Winkler, Los Angeles

Christine Worrell

“To get homeless into housing faster.”

Christine Worrell, Stockton

Miriam Zuniga

“It will make it easier for people who don’t speak English to apply for affordable housing.”

Miriam Zuniga, San Juan Capistrano