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We Need a Housing Voucher System That Works For Everyone

It’s time to open the door to secure, safe & stable homes!

Join the Fight to…

Make vouchers easier to use.

Low-income Californians who qualify for Housing Choice Vouchers should be able to access them without red tape and wait times. And voucher-holders should not be denied homes because of misinformation, stigma, or any form of rental income-source discrimination.

Maximize the use of federally funded housing vouchers.

Tens of thousands of federal Housing Choice Vouchers are left unused each year because California’s housing system needs to be improved. By streamlining the Housing Choice Voucher system, we optimize federal subsidies and ensure more Californians have a stable place to call home.

Use data and accountability to strengthen what’s working and take care of what’s not.

Without an effective housing choice voucher system, many low-income Californians could be forced into homelessness. Without information about which households are able to get the help they need and which ones aren’t, we can’t be effective or equitable.