Roadmap Home 2030

Housing California leads a broad multi-sector coalition and campaign to advance the Roadmap Home 2030 — a plan to advance racial equity, end homelessness and create stable, affordable homes for all Californians.

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Building Consensus

For more than a year, Housing California and California Housing Partnership worked with dozens of grassroots, advocacy, policy, academic, and government partners from affordable housing, homelessness, tenants’ rights, and intersecting fields to create the Roadmap Home 2030.

The Result

A comprehensive, evidence-based, and equity-centered 10-year framework and policy package that describes what it would take to meet the following 4 goals:

  • Create 1.2 million new affordable homes for low-income Californians and those experiencing homelessness.
  • Protect 1 million low-income renter households from losing their homes.
  • End homelessness for more than 150,000 Californians who are unhoused every night.
  • Close racial equity gaps in housing and homelessness.

“I want to applaud the architects of the California Roadmap Home 2030. Closing the racial equity gaps speaks to the heart of what housing justice looks like, particularly here in a state as diverse as California.”

Betty T. Yee

California State Controller

A photo of Maria and her teenage daughter and young son sitting on the couch in their rental home. The children sit on each side of Maria, and she wraps her arms around them. Everyone is smiling at the camera.

Long–Range Policies for Lasting Change

To meet these goals over the next 10 years, California needs to embrace systems reform and structural change to implement equitable solutions in five core arenas:

Invest in our values
Provide ongoing resources at scale.

Promote fairness
Restructure tax and finance systems.

Reimagine growth
Make it easier and cheaper to develop affordable homes in all communitites.
Protect people
Ensure that renters can access housing and stay in their homes and communities.
Create efficiency and accountability
Ensure clear leadership, streamlined processes, and seamless coordination.
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