Multi-Sector Coalitions

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At Housing California, we are reaching toward a new California dream – one in which everyone has homes, health, and wealth in thriving, sustainable communities. This north star is achievable when we come together across sectors, build mutual trust, speak with a shared voice, and collectively advance a shared vision, values, and framework of equitable policy solutions designed to get us where we need to go.

Over the past 40 years, Housing California has built a reputation as an organization that does just that – we connect cross-sector priorities, unite diverse networks and coalitions, catalyze collaboration, and build movements to advocate for anti-racist, equitable public policy that addresses the core issues of housing and homelessness. This collaborative approach to our work is crucial to both Housing California’s – and our state’s collective – success.

Our cross-sector membership, networks, and coalitions include residents of nonprofit-owned affordable housing; local, regional and statewide advocates; the most sophisticated nonprofit development community in the nation; local and regional organizations implementing cutting-edge approaches to ending homelessness and creating homes for all; funders, financial institutions, and investors; and non traditional allies in other sectors – including racial, social, and criminal justice, healthcare and public health, labor, business, economic development, transportation, climate change, environment, religious, disaster response, and education.

Here are a few examples of our deep commitment to realizing our new California dream using this transformational approach:

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Our emerging collaborations include a focus on criminal justice and community ownership/affordable housing preservation.

This is a photo of a boy named Guillermo. He is a kindergartner and 5 years old. Guillermo is growing up safe and secure with his family in a stable home, where he can do his homework and create art. He is pictured on the steps of his home, he has a huge smile, and he is holding his art in front of him for us to see. He has created leaf rubbings in red, orange, and yellow.

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