T+H+E Network Contest


T+H+E Network was formed with the vision of making life more affordable and communities more vibrant in California by aligning the work of organizations focused on public health, housing, pedestrian advocacy, transportation, and environmental advocacy. Whether it's reducing greenhouse gases or finding ways to ensure people are left with more take-home income, T+H+E Network is identifying challenges, creating goals, and developing solutions that make sense, while inspiring coordination among various groups already working to create better lives and communities for all.


The Contest

It may be lovely here, but living in California is expensive. Transportation, housing, and energy costs eat up the budgets of many families and increase the cost of doing business in the state. The Transportation, Housing, and Environment Network (T+H+E Network) awarded a prize of $3,500 for the best concept to make California a little less spendy.


The deadline for submissions has passed.


Judging Criteria

Competitors were judged on the following.

1. The extent to which the idea lowers the cost of living at the individual or family scale.

2. The viability of the idea.

3. The degree to which it involves new ideas or combinations of ideas.

4. The scale of impact in California.


Congratulations to Our Winners!

Fourteen submissions were received. The winner was a combination of two proposals, both submitted by the California Housing Finance Agency Marketing Division (Alicia Murillo, Elizabeth Leonard, Eric Johnson, Evan Gerberding, Gail Tateyama, Kathy Phillips, Kenneth Giebel, Mark Matus, Melanie Parker, and Melissa Flores)



Next Steps for T+H+E Network

T+H+E Network will meet again June and will discuss the contest submissions to see if the Network can play a role in advancing some of the ideas.


Questions? Contact Shamus Roller, 916.287.9889, sroller@housingca.org