Residents United Network

Housing California/RUN Lobby Day 2018. Photo by Alex Matthews.

The Residents United Network (RUN) promotes civic engagement among people historically excluded from decision-making tables to advance sound, equitable policy solutions that address affordable housing, homelessness and economic opportunity.


RUN's Goal: A place to call home in a healthy community for everyone in California. 

Can I join? Yes! All are welcome to participate in the Residents United Network.


My nonprofit would like to get involved. How does this fit with my nonprofit status? Nonprofit developers can, and should, engage in nonpartisan election-related activity, including voter registration, education, and mobilization. The basic rule is that 501(c)(3) organizations cannot in any way support or oppose particular candidates.


Who do I contact to learn more? For more information and to join this groundbreaking effort, contact Tori Truscheit.



One million people in California live in homes with some sort of affordability requirements. These residents represent a powerful political force that could significantly advance advocacy for housing and healthy communities in our state. 


In early 2013, representatives of nonprofit affordable-home developers, resident service providers, and a variety of advocacy organizations held a series of meetings to discuss the vision and reality of developing a first-of-its-kind, statewide resident base of power in California. These meetings resulted in the creation of the Residents United Network (RUN), which was unveiled in April 2014 at Housing California's Annual Conference. 


  • Who: Affordable-home residents and community leaders, resident staff, developers, and advocates (Facilitated by Housing California and Community Change)

  • What: A new model of collaboration and empowerment for healthy communities, with a focus on affordable homes, through training/leadership development

  • Where: Statewide 

  • Why: To engage affordable-home residents in the decisions that affect the health and stability of their lives and communities and harness people power as a political force in order to influence policy and budget decisions at the state, regional, and local level.

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Twitter: @ResidentsUnited

Official Hashtags:

Statewide: #WeRUNCA

Sacramento: #WeRUNSac

Bay Area: #WeRUNBayArea

Central Valley: #WeRUNCV

Los Angeles:  #WeRUNLA

San Diego:  #WeRUNSD


Overviews on RUN and Affordable Housing Solutions

About RUN


Want to get others excited about RUN? Our About RUN one-page overview is perfect for encouraging others to join and support our exciting and growing network.  It's great for distributing at meetings, conferences, and other events. You can also use it to invite people to house meetings!


California's Housing Affordability Problem is Solvable

Providing basic facts on California's housing issues, this easy-to-understand Housing Affordability one-page overview is great for introducing others to the issue of housing affordability and the need for bold policy solutions.


RUN Hits the Big Leagues!

How Does RUN Work the Legislative Session? 
By testifying in committee hearings and sharing why affordable housing makes a difference in all our lives!


RUN kicked off its 2017 advocacy season by packing the March 8, 2017 California Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee hearing to support the Bring California Home Act (AB 71) for Assemblymember David Chiu. We spend $300 million every year to subsidize purchases of vacation homes for 195,000 households; meanwhile, more than 3 million California families struggle to keep a roof over their head at all. State investment needs to be better targeted to the people struggling to stay afloat, not the wealthy few. AB 71 would eliminate the vacation home state mortgage interest deduction and use the $300 million state savings to develop and preserve homes for tens of millions of Californians. The bill passed in its first committee thanks to the powerful words spoken by RUN leaders. Watch the video to hear their stories!


RUN Monthly Newsletter


Who is Participating in RUN?

The number of participating organizations around the state continues to grow and currently includes: 

Abode Communities


A Community of Friends

Alliance for Housing and Healing

Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation

California Partnership

California Coalition for Rural Housing

Chinatown Community Development Corp.

Center for Community Change

Christian Church Homes

City Heights Community Development Corp.

Coachella Valley Housing Coalition

Coalition for Responsible Community Development

Community Housing Partnership

Community Housing Works

Corporation for Supportive Housing

EAH Housing

East Bay Asian Local Development Corp.

East LA Community Corp.

East Bay Housing Organizations

Esperanza Community Housing

Hollywood Community Housing Corp.

Housing California

Housing Long Beach

Kennedy Commission


Linc Housing

Little Tokyo Service Center

MAAC Project San Diego

Mercy Housing

Mutual Housing

Resources for Community Development

Satellite Affordable Housing Associates

San Diego Housing Federation

Southern California Association for NonProfit Housing

San Francisco Council of Community Housing Organizations

Skid Row Housing Trust

Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corp.

Thai Community Development Corp.

West Hollywood CDC


We are ready to learn from each other.
We are ready to act together.
We are building to win.