David Howden

Zella Knight

RUN Los Angeles

Zella Knight is a disabled, generational activist and a Resident United Network (RUN) LA leader with lived experience of homelessness, housing instability and housing insecurity. Zella aims to keep those with lived experience and expertise at the center of the decision making and policy making tables at the forefront, and to make every effort to ensure that there is a permanent seat at the table.

As a forever advocate in the intersectional topics of housing, health, education, social and racial justice, Zella seeks to acknowledge the ills and provide comprehensive solutions to eliminate the barriers and obstacles, such as institutional and systemic racism, sexism, disability bias, gender bias, economic bias (source of income discrimination) that hinder and prevent access to affordable, safe, habitable housing for all. Zella serves and partners with varied organizations and agencies national, state and local.