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Statement » Statement regarding the defeat of Proposition 15

Statement regarding the defeat of Proposition 15

Nov 11, 2020

For Immediate Release: November 11, 2020

Contact: Adam Bink | | (415) 495-4200 x113

Statement on the defeat of Proposition 15

The following statement can be attributed to Lisa Hershey, Executive Director:

“Corporations once again struck a victory for the powerful over the people, and the effects will be felt by Californians struggling the most to afford a home, especially low-income Californians of color. Though we are disappointed by the result, members of the broad, diverse coalition that made up the Yes on 15 campaign should be proud of the work done to get this far towards ensuring corporations pay their fair share.

“As a proud member of the Proposition 15 Steering Committee and the primary affordable housing and homelessness representative, we are undeterred and know our path forward. Seven and a half million Californians voted for investment in affordable housing and in efforts to end homelessness, and we are encouraged by the overwhelming majorities in favor of Measure A in San Diego, Measure J in Los Angeles and Proposition A in San Francisco to do just that.

The message is clear: a growing number of Californians want stable, affordable homes for all. We will continue to seek revenue sources to deliver on this promise, such as the Bring CA Home campaign–an initiative to provide $2.4 billion in annual, sustained investment to meet the scale of the need and provide homes, health and prosperity for all. These are the values that drive our movement, powered by a diverse coalition of Californians demanding change.”


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